Grants for Small Business Startups

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As it the case with any new business, capital is a necessity in order to not only launch a new business, but grow it. And many entrepreneurs are tethered to a job they dislike because they can not find the capital needed to start their new enterprise. The solution to this quandary is grants for small businesses. The advantage of a grant for a small business is that they are exempt from taxes and are interest-free. Believe it or not-there are sources of money available to business owners that equate to a free lump sum of money that you can use for start up costs as you open your own business.
Sources of grants for business owners
There are two main sources of grants for small business owners. The main source is from the government. But there are also private grants that are available. Yes, the government and private equity firms are interested in growing your business. They want you to succeed!
Government Grants
Extensive information about government grants are available online at, which is the Federal government's web site maintained in order to provide information pertinent to individuals who are looking to find and apply for federal grants
Once you choose a grant to apply for, make sure you follow the instructions for the grant proposal to the letter, and respect all guidelines and deadlines. Go to your state's Web site to discover what state government grants may also be available.
Private Foundation Grants
Private foundation grants are an excellent source of funding for small businesses. You might ask yourself.... why would a company offer to "give" away money? The truth is that many foundations NEED to donate money to charity for tax reasons, and these foundations set up trusts or endowments for specific charities or new businesses through grants.
Finding a private foundation grant is not as easy as finding a government grant. To find a private foundation grant, you might consider hiring someone that is experienced and familiar with the grant process. And more importantly, you need to find someone that is familiar with the grant process in YOUR industry. This can be a significant obstacle for some companies. If your company is not prepared to hire someone to research and write a grant proposal, do some research at Google and possibly take a class on writing a grant proposal yourself. It can be done and grants have been obtained by business owners who have no previous experience in obtaining grants.
Writing a Grant Application
The grant application process is extensive and the competition fierce. You'll want to make sure your application stands out. So, when writing or preparing to write your proposal, you will need to keep in mind that the goals for grants are to not only help business owners, but also help society. So, keep this in mind when writing your application. How will your business help society? Is there any way your business is tied into the interests of the organization sponsoring the grant? How can you show the sponsor of the grant that your business will be a good investment for the country? Most business grants are given to research and development or nonprofit businesses, because these kinds of businesses benefit all of society.
Website Hosting a Must
Start with a website hosting account. Don't rush into the grant application process before you have a website established.
And keep in mind, that just because you THINK you have a good idea, that it is. Bounce your choice off of friends and family. Do they "get it?" Do they understand why you chose it? If so, it's probably a good choice for a company. If they don't, keep working on it. If they do, then start by setting up a professional website. Your application process will require a URL and a professional web presence.
Before you do anything - before you develop a business model, a revenue model, a purpose of the company, before you establish your brand's core values and develop a tag line for the company, think long and hard about the best website for your new business enterprise.
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Tips and Strategies of Small Business Branding!

When you want to create a strong brand strategy for a newly start business then you have to consider a lot of factors for it. You must think of the main points that can make a big difference for your brand and company. Thus, the very first thing which you need to do for your small business branding is to develop a logo design for your brand that will make your customers remember your brand, secondly you must create a strong and catchy tagline that will best describe your business; lastly, you have to create a positive image of your business in the marketplace so that your potential audience will find your brand professional and appealing when you present your business in a most convincing and attractive way to the public.

Below are some tips and strategies that will help you making your small business branding successful.

If you are small business owner then you must create strong branding techniques for your small business and make it memorable for the audience. If you have a memorable business logo, catchy tagline and professional company name, you can appropriately represent your business to the target audience. Although if you have a small business and you have already decided a name for it then it should be definitely your next step to create a strong brand strategy that is effective and credible for your small business success. So keep it in mind that your corporate logo is not only a graphical image, however, it is the visual representation of a company as it is also helpful for the instant recognition for the public. If you haven't created a logo for your small business then below are some tips that will assist you creating a small business logo design.

All in all, you will require selecting appropriate and relevant elements for your custom logo design that will ensure that your business logo should have a powerful impact with the uncluttered, clean and clear elements. So for the reason of making your brand well-known and recognized in the marketplace, you must create a logo in a most simplest and distinct way and it has the ability to capture your viewers attention with a quick glance. Moreover for being a sincere business owner, you have to evaluate each and every element of your logo so that your creative logo design looks appropriate for your brand. Your business logo should clearly convey the specialty of your business.

Once you are done creating a small business logo with all appropriate elements, then your next steps would be creating a tagline and strong brand strategy. So have you decided what branding tips you are going to use in your tag line development? If you haven't decided yet then try to make it short and simple which should be best describe in 3 to 7 words. So do not hurry when you create your brand tag line and your business logo. A great tag line is what make your brand you standout from your competitors.

Ultimately for brand management that is the need of every brand strategy, you just need to make your customers satisfied by providing them high quality products and services at affordable rates. So do every possible effort for your customers which can keep them happy!

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Why You Need Small Business Health Insurance for Employees

Do you really need small business health insurance for employees? If you are still asking yourself this question, then you are most probably unaware of the current state of the economy vis-à-vis the health care system, and how they should complement each other to ensure better results for your business, no matter how small it is.

The hesitation is understandable. Healthcare is almost unaffordable and small businesses and self-employed alike barely profits enough to afford getting their employees health insurance. Seemingly therefore, it is unwise to get a chunk from your annual average income while jeopardizing the stability of your business undertaking.

However, all these fears and hesitations are actually fallacies. There are more benefits you can get from having your employees insured than just allowing them to work unsecured. So, do you really need small business health insurance for employees? The answer is a resounding Yes! There are actually many reasons that would support this conclusion but this article will provide you with two string ones.

Why You Need Small Business Health Insurance for Employees

Retention of good employees

Nowadays, getting and retaining efficient employees is as difficult as getting and retaining customers. Employees with good qualities are in hot demand as almost all businesses, especially the big ones, are more than willing to pay more in terms of salary to get better personnel. They see this as a way of improving their reputation in the market, to the end of inviting more customers.

"The competition to hire the best will increase in the years ahead. Companies that give extra flexibility to their employees will have the edge in this area." - Bill Gate

Being a small business owner, you are stand on a very vulnerable ground. Since you cannot compete with the salary scale of big companies, you will most likely end up with unskilled, less better employees. This has adverse effects on your business that you would want to avoid.

By getting your employees health care insurance, you are actually giving them an incentive to stay with you despite the relatively lower salary. Furthermore, studies show that getting your employees health insurances, you are actually spending less than if you would increase their salaries.

Increase in productivity

People respond to incentives, and they respond positively. By getting your employees health care insurance, you are actually giving them the idea that you as their boss really think of their welfare. This will make them feel valued and respected in one way or another.

The feeling of being valued as an employee has positive effects on how your employee treats your business. They will show care to your company as much as they are also taken cared of by you. They will start to work harder and more efficiently, which will of course benefit your business in the long run. If what they are saying that your business is only as strong as the people who are working for you is true, then you are assured that you have a really strong and competitive business right there. You need not worry about staff disloyalty and incompetence.

Now, if you're still asking if "do you really need small business health insurance for employees", we hope that you are answering in the affirmative.

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