Free Websites For Small Business

While having your own website for your business is much cheaper these days, you may still want to gain more internet exposure by using these free business site tools.
Facebook - What used to be a social-networking website that intends to be just a little different from MySpace and Friendster is now one of the best places to promote your business for free. Use Facebook's "fan" page feature to connect with internet users without taking them out of Facebook. While you can no longer create webpage-like features and feel in a Facebook page, you can instantly and effectively promote whatever update, promo and alert to your fans without them having to subscribe to email alerts.
Webs - While there are several free web-hosting sites out there, Webs is probably one of the most popular. With the help of free tools, applications and templates, anyone can create a professional-looking website. Webs claims that you don't need technical skills to be able to make your own website. And if you are ready to develop your own business brand with your custom domain, all you have to do is to avail the Webs Premium Services.
Multiply - Originally intended to be a social networking site, Multiply has switched to e-commerce site. You can customize your site, post your products, and connect with other sellers, similar to eBay, without the bidding aspect. According to, Multiply has about 3.5 million unique users in the U.S. each month, making it a good place to expand your online presence.
GetShopped - If you sell products online, GetShopped has one of the best features that are perfect for you. You can create free website, sell online, blog online, send newsletters and create pages. Getshopped integrates with trusted payment processors such as PayPal, Payment Express and Google Checkout so your customers will easily and safely purchase your product.
DevHub - Much like Webs, DevHub is an easy tool to create your own website for free. You can either choose to have your own domain or create a sub-domain of DevHub. Follow the instructions and fill-up the spaces that will be provided to you and your website will be ready in no time.
Wix - Another free website tool that will help you create your website in an instant. The procedure is similar to other free website creators. Signup to gain access, choose from their templates, fill up the text and you're ready to go.
Blogger - While people mainly use this to promote their websites, you can always use Blogger as a freestanding website since you can customize your blogsite to whatever you think is fitting to your business. WordPress and other blogsites with similar features will also do.
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