Start Your Own Small Business - What Are the First Steps to Starting a Small Business?

Unemployment is tough. It is hard to beat the stress of it emotionally and financially. And making day to day phone calls to job openings may be the only thing keeping your hope alive, (Besides waiting by the phone for opportunity to show its beautiful head). Hang in there just like any application process it will take time and a little bit of patience. In the meantime don't let all your creative energy go to waste you can start a home business part time. How do you start a home business? Start brainstorming something simple and creative you like to do. It could be a hobby or an extreme passion. Use your ideas as a sounding board to test the online audience. Is your idea eccentric and unique enough to draw a concentrated small niche audience to your website? Or is the idea too broad? If it is too broad your audience will have a lot of websites to already choose from since the niche is saturated. Your idea or your niche area should be an area that is not too saturated or else your website will drown among many others. You want to be original. For example if you like herbs & spices you can base your home business website on your personal experience or research, you can further emphasize your niche by writing about herbs & spices unique to the area where you live. Make sure your idea is as narrow as possible to take advantage of the subject areas that are not usually talked about online, and by doing so you will gain an online audience that is unique to your website.

How do you get website traffic for your website? You create and write content. Don't tell me I'm not a writer. Many first timers try to get around having to create content because it can be time consuming. But building a home business online will take time. Slow and steady wins the race. You don't have to be able to crank out ten articles a day you can just start with one a day. As you become more comfortable talking about your niche area or passion you will find it gets easier to go from there.

How do you make money online with your website? The number one source of income is through Google AdSense, affiliate networks like commission junction and the amazon associates program. The amount of money you make on your website will always depend on the amount of niche specific traffic you generate to your website.

So what's the best way to be successful in building a home business online? Hard work, dedication and persistence, like I said slow and steady wins the race or I should say marathon. It is a marathon. The only way you can fail is if you don't plan adequately enough and don't have the necessary web tools to build a business. gives online business professionals like you practical advice on tools, resources and information that will get you started online the right way.